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October 5, 2012

This was a tough call because evidently the man was involved in illegal activity and for that could go to prison however this wouldn’t do anything for the individual. He should be able to receive treatment because drugs are what polluted his head and gave him a mental illness. It would make more sense to help this person out because just punishing a person who is in need of help is wrong. The right thing to do is notice the man needs help and give him treatment. The United States is known for giving second chances and there is no reason a man who was transformed by drugs doesn’t deserve a second chance.
Kristian Alonso


Drug Addiction as Deviance or Mental Illness

In the New York Times today, October 3, 2012, there was an articled titled “Addicted to Painkillers, Unready for Help”. To summarize, in short, this article is written from a medical doctor’s perspective on a case study of a man who is addicted to oxycodone. His doctor to relieve the pain associated with rheumatoid arthritis prescribed this man, J., oxycodone. Slowly but surely, J. began to become dependant on this painkiller, and his tolerance began to rise. This led him to seek multiple prescriptions of oxycodone, as well as illegally obtaining it from a co-worker. Eventually, his addiction had advanced so much that he was overdosing on his medication (which inevitably requires hospitalization), and causing extreme pain for his wife. Thus, this leads to the question of how to treat a patient like J. Is he a junky and a criminal that deserves…

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